Who and What is the Spirit of the Cotswolds?

We are the Spirit of The Cotswolds; the original Gin and Vodka brand from The Cotswolds. That’s all well and good but WHO are we? We are the husband and wife team behind the Cotswold Brewing Company, Rick and Emma Keene.  We set up the brewery 10 years ago; yes, 10 years, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun?! Although I love beer (this is Emma speaking now) I find that I can’t drink as much of it as I used to….ahhh,  I remember those pre-children, pre-middle aged days, drinking Archers Golden in the stillage room once Rick had finished his shift.  Alas, those days are gone and my ability to drink pints of beer with them! In recent years I found myself going to parties clutching a bottle of gin and wondering why we didn’t make our own?! I have always loved gin and during my travels in a former life in IT sales, I tried many different brands of gin.  I started to develop a knowledge about the different botanicals and which flavours I liked more than others (e.g. lime as the key citrus note rather than the more traditional lemon, nothing too floral).  And so as far back as 2007 a vague plan started formulating in my head to develop a Cotswold Gin; one which truly reflects The Spirit of the Cotswolds. 


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